Ditch Coulter!


I think Ann Coulter has finally done it.  She has pushed the envelope to a point where conservatives NEED to ditch her.  Conservatives have been given the rap of being racist, biggoted, homophobes, which is so unfair.  I bet admitted homophobe Tim Hardaway didn’t vote for a conservative…just a guess.

Racism, and homophobia knows no political party…it is on both sides of the aisle <cough> Sen. Sheets Byrd <cough>, but since liberals and their cohorts in the media have been successful in changing the conventional wisdom regarding conservatives it is our job to change it back.  Ann Coulter has become a liability to the conservatives.

I used to like Coulter.  I have one of her books.  She would say things that no one else would dare say, she stood up to her critics, and she destroyed them.  Is that what we want from a politician…no, but she is the one that does the dirty work the politicians can’t or won’t do.  She has went over the line and the Right can’t legitimicize her any longer.  It is guilt by association.  I heard Hannity say in his interview with Michelle Malkin, that he hasn’t heard the comments and can only say that each person needs to be responsible for what they say, not what someone else says.  That is true, but if you sit back and do nothing to correct or condemn the action it indicates you support the comments, or you are just too much of a wuss to take a stand.  Either way it isn’t an appealing characteristic.

Ann Coulter is going the way of Pat Buchannan, and she should be shunned like he was too. 

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8 Comments on “Ditch Coulter!”

  1. kayinmaine Says:

    I agree! She is not a comedian and she’s not funny at all.

    Great post by the way!

  2. kayinmaine Says:

    Actually, I would say that Ann is going down the same road as Pat Robertson. They both make hateful remarks and get away with it. Pat Buchanan, on the other hand, is liked and respected on both sides of the aisle for the most part. He has the ability to start his thoughts from a neutral point or to look at a situation in reality rather than party loyalty.

  3. Brad Says:

    I’m beginning to think Ann is a “plant” or a “mole”… her actions are feeding the left and she needs to Go! Bye bye Ann! Enough with your tired, boring act.

  4. Kay, thanks for your comments. I see exactly where you are coming from with the Pat Robertson angle. Good point!

    Brad, I was having the same exact thoughts today. I don’t think the Libs are smart enough to do something like that though 🙂

  5. Syntax Says:

    “I don’t think the Libs are smart enough to do something like that though ” — You mean Libs being dumb enough? Coulter is your cross to bear, not Libs. Edwards campaign website has taken a massive amount of hits tonight and he has taken this opportunity (and thats exactly what it is) and used it as a fund-raising tool which has generated decent amounts of contributions. Gee…….thanks!

    What Coulter did was predictable. We’ve seen it time and time again. The disgusting, deplorable and appalling events witnessed were the crowd laughing and applauding. Republican Presidential candidates sitting withing a few feet of her and doing and saying absolutely nothing but offering the exact same laughter and applause as the audience. If the Conservatives and their candidates will laugh and applaud “f**got” in reference to homosexuals, than it is safe and easy to assume they’d laugh and applaud at “N**ger” in reference to a black person, “K*ke” in reference to a Jewish person, “S*ic” in reference to a latino person and “C*nt” in reference to a woman. Next years CPAC will hand out white gowns and hoods since the Conservatives true colors and true color preference showed quite loud and clear today.

    You shouldn’t be mad and angry at Coulter, you should be mad as hell at those Presidential candidates and the supporters in the audience who cheered, laughed and applauded that “Queen of Supremacy”. America watched and America will remember.

  6. hitler Says:

    I heard a rumor that ann’s anger stems from being raped and sodomized repeatedly by a gang of skinheads. I only regret that I wasn’t around to see it.

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  8. Syntax, I just had to write a separate post to respond to your comment.

    In all fairness though, your point about the reaction from the people in the audience is horrible. It reminds me of the scene at the rodeo in Borat where the crowd didn’t know whether to applaud or boo Borat’s comments. BUT, to say this is something exclusive to Conservatives is absurd. If you watch any liberal comedian spew their hateful leftist speech, you will hear the audience all a twitter with exuberant excitment. The conventional wisdom that Conservatives are the racist, biggoted, homophobes stops here. It is there on both sides and it has nothing to do with political persausion.

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