Obama out of touch

I may be splitting hairs here, but the way Barak Obama delivered this statement speaks to the type of president he would be if elected.



For telethons and other charity events people often say, “If everyone could give just $1, or $5 it would help…”, but Obama is acting like a parent talking to his children.  Like he knows he will spend your money, better than you will spend your money.  Like he knows where money is best spent, but you don’t.  Typical liberal!!

If I had any intention of voting for that guy, I would have walked right out when he said that.  Obviously, he doesn’t understand that yes indeed, you can be poor enough where you can’t afford to give up five dollars.  I’ve been in that situation.  And quite honestly, if I was that poor, but still willing to give up my last five dollars, I’d put it in the collection plate at church rather than give it to a political campaign.

His arrogance, and controlling nature really shined through here…and it only took seven seconds for him to do it.

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5 Comments on “Obama out of touch”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I am one of those few that really can’t afford $5 that hasn’t been budgeted in. That being said I just donated $25 to his campaign and plan to do it again when possible.
    Giving that money to his campaign is just as important to me as my bills and the roof over my head. Do you understand why? Because he will return the favor. He will give back to me. I trust he will do whats right for this country, and for me, and you. Not what is right for some lobbyist who donated $4600 and is controlling him like a puppet like so many of our elected officials today (left and right sides alike).
    I can’t believe anyone could be so ignorant as to ignore what good it will do for all his campaign dollars to come from the people, instead of from corrupt lobbyist with strings attached. Even if it is in $5 increments.
    For the first time in a long time I have some kind of hope for this country. I think Barack Obama could make me proud to be an American again.
    The collection at the church has never done that for me.

  2. datamonist Says:

    Really? you trust him? Why? Since when do we trust politicians? At least with the Clinton camp we KNOW who we’ll get…who the secretaries will be, who the government appointees will be, what their philosophy will be. Obama has not so much as introduced ONE name of people he will chose for his cabinet. CHANGE can be bad too, you know! AND i’m a DEMOCRAT!!

  3. anonymous Says:

    Dear Amanda,
    Wow, sweetheart, I am really sorry that you gave away 25 bucks to something so stupid. We are the ONLY country in the world (yes even beating out European countries) who have politicians that raise so much money for a political campaign. Hillary, Barack, whoever… raise so much money to promote THEMSELVES and talk about taking care of the people. What about poverty in the US? Our educational system? Health care? Immigration? This is where your 25 dollars should have gone, not to a fancy marketing department. And yes, I am a democrat too.

  4. Sonya Says:

    You are condecending. She can spend her money on whatever she wants. At least she’s done a much better job of explaining herself that you have, SWEETHEART.

  5. hdboo Says:

    What’s condescending. This Obama is a monster. He is no better than Putin and perhaps alot worse. At least Putin doesn’t hide that he is a commie.

    Just what we need, a Commie Muslim tap dancer.

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