New Presidential Candidate?

Today on Fox News Sunday, former Senator and actor Fred Thompson announced he is considering a run for president. Given the current field of Republican candidates, I believe Thompson would be an instant hit among conservatives. Many of Thompson’s positions are right in line with the base of the conservative movement. will we soon add Mr. Thompson to the Presidential poll? How do you feel about a possible Thompson candidate?

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One Comment on “New Presidential Candidate?”

  1. I think he might be that “out-of-the-blue” candidate republicans need…With McCain seemingly past his prime, Rudy is in the lead in the polls right now, but that will change once conservatives are reminded of his philandering and outrageousness (the guy sure loves to cross-dress for laughs on national television)…which would make Fred Thompson a very appealing alternative. Most people respect him as an actor, and conservatives love his politics…he’s stern but likable, and middle-of-the-roaders will like his Hollywood connections.

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