This blog is a joint effort between Dave and Chris. For years we have both been talking and talking about the political issues of the day, but we are tired of “preaching to the choir” and decided that we would start this blog and share our thoughts and ideas with others.

It will become obvious as we create more and more posts that both of us fall on the conservative side of the political spectrum, but you will also notice that neither political party is “off-limits”. The tipping point, that got us to start this blog actually stems from the horrid performance of the Republican party when they had complete power in Washington. It made us both realize that both parties are much more interested in rhetoric, power, and money…instead of actually doing what is best for the country and the people they represent.

Certainly there will be a lot of people that disagree with our posts, but we ask that you keep your comments toward us, and other commenters civilized. Saying that though, we do encourage any and all points of view so feel free to post often. Also, if you would like to contact us privately (instead of posting a public comment), you can email us at truthsquad.wordpress@gmail.com.



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