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William Arkin’s Washington Post column

February 12, 2007


This column from William Arkin’s Washington Post Online blog literally made me sick this morning.  What an ungrateful, selfish, egomaniacal little bitch! 

Ironically, I was just watching clips from Pat Dollard’s new documentary, Young Americans, yesterday.  The documentary features a lot of our soldiers telling it the way it really is in Iraq.  It is a very interesting, enlightening, and disturbing set of clips.  I can’t wait to see the whole thing.  Here is one of the clips that I found particularly interesting

William Arkin needs to realize that it is these young men and women that are fighting to protect our freedoms…including his freedom of speech and to be stupid.


Manufacturing Conventional Wisdom

February 10, 2007


Humans are causing global warming…right?  That is what the majority of people world wide believe.  It is being taught in school, reported on the news, and legislated as indisputable fact, when in reality it is far from fact and there are a lot of people whose views are silenced.  We are witnessing conventional wisdom creation right before our very eyes.  It is eerily reminiscent of communist propaganda tactics. 

Sure, there are people that believe global warming is caused by humans, and there are others that don’t believe it, that is fine, but it is others like Lou Dobbs, that have closed the door on debate.  Why?  Well…how could anyone think humans don’t cause global warming.  It should be conventional wisdom, and it should never be questioned.  If you do question it, or just flat out don’t believe it, you are thought to have your head in the sand.  Watch Lou Dobbs close the door on the debate here:

It isn’t just the media that is manufacturing conventional wisdom on global warming.  Here is an interesting post about two state governors that are removing their respective state’s climate experts, because they don’t believe humans are causing global warming. 

And then there is John Rockefeller and Olympia Snowe’s letter to Exxon Mobile telling them what they should believe, where they should spend their money, and to stop saying (ie censoring) global warming is not human made, and start saying humans are causing it.  Unbelievable!


In light of the adverse impacts still resulting from your corporations activities, we must request that ExxonMobil end any further financial assistance or other support to groups or individuals whose public advocacy has contributed to the small, but unfortunately effective, climate change denial myth. Further, we believe ExxonMobil should take additional steps to improve the public debate, and consequently the reputation of the United States. We would recommend that ExxonMobil publicly acknowledge both the reality of climate change and the role of humans in causing or exacerbating it.

  Then there are other tactics that are used to reinforce the conventional wisdom, like teaching it in school (which I already  mentioned).  Get the kids believing it when they are young and they will grow up believing those things.  Just recently it was announced there will be a huge global warming concert on July 7th, three days after Nancy Pelosi has decided to hijack the 4th of July and make it “energy independence day”.

The reason I chose global warming to illustrate just a few of the ways conventional wisdom is manufactured is because it has been such a hot topic lately and there are a lot of examples out there.  It is by no means the only issue that I could have used, but it is the most obvious.

Does the left want us all to die from global warming?

February 3, 2007


I just read this excellent article by Deroy Murdock regarding the hypocrisy of the left on the issue of global warming.  Nuclear power, hydro-electricity, wind power…not good enough for the left.  Why isn’t it good enough?  Well, this just happens to be another example of politicians needing an issue so badly they can’t afford to solve it.  Personally, I don’t buy the whole man made global warming issue, but if these guys really believe it is “the greatest threat to the world”, then why not adopt policies that would theoretically reduce the threat?

Politics and the New Media

January 30, 2007

How about a positive look into the future of politics in America?  I wrote in my first post that many of us are disenfranchised and feel helpless to change the way things are run in Washington, so how are things ever going to change?

We aren’t there yet, but the “new media”, including a tiny bit by blogs like this, will be an ever increasing factor in the way we elect people in this country.  Here is a link that includes some startling numbers that predict $1 billion will be spent on the presidential campaign over the next two years.  I’m not a proponent of campaign finance reform, but these type of numbers essentially eliminate everyone except those with money, power and influence in either the Democrat or Republican party.  Kind of lays to rest the whole notion of a government “for the people and by the people” doesn’t it?

So lets look at some of the ways technology and the “new media” will change this.

  • DVRs and other alternative methods of watching television shows mean less people will be watching these expensive political adds.  I know I managed to skip past most of them this past October and November.  
  • Blogs are bringing more information and opinions to the masses.  The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, and Reuters won’t have so much control over the political information I read.  If there is a story in say…Reno Nevada regarding Harry Reid for example I don’t have to rely on the New York Times to report it.  Chances are I will be able to find the story from a local newspaper online, that some blogger linked to.
  • The Internet in general makes it easier to find errors in stories and alternate points of views.  Bloggers have exposed over and over photoshopped media stories, inaccurate news reports, and lies in political campaigns.  You can’t just say something and get away with it anymore…speaking of which…
  • The Internet is allowing video and audio to find its way to the masses much easier than before.  You don’t have to take your tape to the news outlet and hope it get run on the nightly news.  Nope, you just go online and download it for the world to see.  Macaca anyone?

I’m just scratching the surface with these examples and the modes of communication just keep changing every day.  It is hard to keep up with it all.  Just think what the political landscape will be like when more and more people start catching on to how the new media operates and what it is all about.  I read a recent study that showed only about 27% percent of Americans read blogs.  That will change, and so will politics.