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Presidential Straw Poll

February 21, 2007

I recently added a new widget that allows you to vote for the your favorite presidential candidate on my personal blog, because this site does not support html.  Click the link here and you will notice the widget in the right hand column.  You can vote for one Republican and one Democrat, and you can vote once weekly.  Check it out and voice your opinion!


Murtha should resign

February 21, 2007


Over the past few years Democrats have called for the resignation of countless Republicans, and in some cases the pressure mounted to a point where the person either resigned or was fired.  I don’t want the Republicans to take on all of the strategies the Democrats have used, but in the case of Jack Murtha, the Republicans should be calling for his resignation immediately.

He recently laid out his “slow bleed” strategy for getting troops out of Iraq, which is about as close to treasonous as you can get.

Murtha has made clear that the nonbinding resolution, whose merely symbolic nature infuriates antiwar activists, was only the “first step.” In his interview, Murtha, chairman of the appropriations subcommittee on defense, did not hide the purpose of setting standards for training, equipping and resting troops: “They won’t have the equipment, they don’t have the training and they won’t be able to do the work.”

In his plan, he is calling for the slow dismantling of our military and thus our country’s defense mechanism.  With all of the dangers our country faces, this strategy is in essence calling for our destruction.  It is akin to a bank employee purposely leaving the bank alarm off and the safe wide open when he leaves, so the robbers can walk right in take what they want and get away scott free…just a million times worse.

Canadian Muslims say terrorism in Canada is OK

February 19, 2007

This is a very interesting article from the Calgary Sun which examines some of the numbers from a recent poll which weren’t reported.  The poll indicates that at a minimum 49,000 Canadian Muslims feel terrorism on their own soil would be OK.  The poll indicated 12% of Canada’s 700,000 Muslims feel this way, but the author of the article played it conservatively and took the low end of the polls margin of error (+/- 4.4%) which is 7.6% and rounded that down to a flat 7%. 

It is a shocking number to me, and I imagine it is hard for any rational human being to fathom anyone justifying terrorism.  I think it is important to note the vast majority of Muslims in Canada did not think terrorism was OK.  Additionally, it made me wonder what percentage of Americans…regardless of religious affiliation feel that a terrorist act, like beheading political leaders, and blowing up federal buildings, etc. would be OK.  Both left and right wing extremists would probably ok it to some degree, some already have taken action…Oklahoma City comes to mind, as does environmental terrorism.

William Arkin’s Washington Post column

February 12, 2007


This column from William Arkin’s Washington Post Online blog literally made me sick this morning.  What an ungrateful, selfish, egomaniacal little bitch! 

Ironically, I was just watching clips from Pat Dollard’s new documentary, Young Americans, yesterday.  The documentary features a lot of our soldiers telling it the way it really is in Iraq.  It is a very interesting, enlightening, and disturbing set of clips.  I can’t wait to see the whole thing.  Here is one of the clips that I found particularly interesting

William Arkin needs to realize that it is these young men and women that are fighting to protect our freedoms…including his freedom of speech and to be stupid.

Latin American Terrorists

February 10, 2007


When most people think about terrorism, they think about Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, and the Middle East.  Unfortunately, there is a lot more to terrorism than these things.  It would be nice if Al Qaeda was the only terrorist organization out there, but as you can see that is only scratching the surface.  I really don’t care what the “official” reason(s) we went to war in Iraq was, but I am sure glad we are there now, because it is important we have a strong presence in the region where so many of these terrorist organizations are developed.

But, having said that, the Middle East is not the only region we need to be focused on.  This is an incredibly interesting and informative (and long) report that discusses the relatively new and emerging Hezbollah Latin America

The report ties in some of the recent activities of Hugo Chavez, to this developing terrorist threat.  We should all think twice before buying our gas from Citgo gas stations, which is owned by the Venezuelan government.  Our money could easily be used to fund terrorism and we don’t even know it.  The report also brings a sobering reality to some of Chavez’ actions.  He is more than an irritating dope that came here and insulted our President and our country.  He is a genuine threat and we need to be aware of it.  He openly supports Iran and their quest for nuclear weapons, and he stands by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he calls for Israel’s destruction.  Our politicians need to be aware of it and take him seriously, and the media also needs to start focusing on him as one of the enemies, and focus a little less on depicting America as the bad guys.

So when you get a chance, I encourage you to read that long report I linked to, and think about how it relates to other issues like our dependence on foreign oil, the war in Iraq, our relations with Iran, and even a fence along the Mexican border.  These referenced terror organizations are still being developed, and now is the time for us to take care of the situation, before it gets out of hand.

Israel taking a stand

February 4, 2007


I guess when you have a neighbor that has called for you to be wiped from the face of the Earth, you don’t particularly care for it when they develop their nuclear program. 

Obviously, we don’t know all of the behind the scenes actions we take against people like this nuclear scientist, but I sure hope we are at least as bold as the Israelis.  It is very scary when politicians start pandering to their base with linguini spine rhetoric.  The time has come for us to take a stand against terrorism, and fanatical dictators.  Some would have us wait until we are at the precipice of destruction before we make any attempt to stop the threats, which is moronic.  Dictators, like Ahmadinejad, are a threat to us, Israel, and all of the world.  They make no attempt to hide their desires to destroy us, and they make no attempt to hide their efforts to develop their nuclear program.  Hurray for Israel for taking this threat seriously and taking action NOW!